Why invest in a custom hair piece?

Investing in a custom hair piece can be expensive. But when you invest in a custom piece, built just for you, you are investing in a quality product. Your Bee You Wig can last for years to come when cared for properly.

How does a customized wig work?

First we start with a free consultation. Where we can talk about, price, color, style length, wear ability.

Next we take a tracing of your head, and get your exact measurements. That tracing is padded out on a head block to then build the foundation of your piece. From there we ventilate the hair into the foundation. That is just a fancy way of saying we hand tie all of the hair to add color, density and direction to ensure that your piece looks as natural as possible and is undetectable. 

Why choose Bee You Wigs?

By choosing to purchase from our small company, our work will be more attentive and precise. Plus we give back. For every ten purchases we receive, we will make a custom piece for someone in need. 

Do you take insurance?

Currently we do not take insurance, but we are working on changing that. Our company works with the client to ensure high quality product, and we try to be flexible as well. 

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Ask us anything. Just head over to the contact page and leave your information.